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celebrating our common humanity.

In 2016 I was given the opportunity to travel to Cuba on a pilgrimage with my All Souls church community. I traveled as a parishioner, a chaperone to our high school youth, and as an artist. I could not have imagined what was about to unfold.

I brought with me 15 pieces of work that were the first layer of a project I am now calling connecting the ANDs.

These 15 works were added to first by the people in the community we stay with in Cuba. Everyone was invited to add something by either drawing, painting, stamping or attaching a layer of their own story to the work.

The beginning...our very first traveling series started in Matanzas, Cuba.

The beginning...our very first traveling series started in Matanzas, Cuba.

After Cuba, I sent these works off to Singapore and Australia, where two other communities added layers that reflected their own stories. When they finally returned back to me in Asheville, I reproduced them at a set of 15 postcards. Each community that participated received a set, with the simple goal that they will then send the postcards off to friends and family - spreading our collective stories even further.

And the work continues in the form of more series of works created by people all around the world.

It is my hope that these projects will connect people across borders
…and of all ages
…and ethnicities
…and religions
…and genders

Through the universal language of art, building and impacting relationships new and old.

I work with communities both near and far to create collaborative works that celebrate connection. Here’s how you can join in:


local AND global collaborative traveling series.

Be a part of one of my connecting the ANDs local or global collaborative traveling series. I can ship either a current traveling series or a new series of works to your community to add layers. I try to send works wherever is desired - sometimes it is through shipping and sometimes it is hand delivered!

current and past traveling series:

Featured Above: Our current traveling series has been to Rwanda and is heading to New Mexico to receive layers from Navajo and Zuni students….stay tuned!

Featured above: During the summer of 2018 my Roots + Wings School of Art and Design Outreach team held a 4-part series (called Talk With Our Hands) of open discussion forums and community collaborative art making sessions at various locations in Asheville. Each session featured a guest speaker and topics include Racial Equity, LGBTQ Equality, Interfaith Connections, and Immigration Reform. Participants were invited to share, listen and create in a judgement-free zone. The resulting artworks serves as a reminder of how creative activity bridges gaps in experience, knowledge and understanding.


collaborative family/friends kit.

Create a collaborative work of art with family or friends - even if you don’t live in the same city! My connecting the ANDs collaborative family/friends kit contains a one of my original chalked works - ready for your layers! Inside the box you will also find some awesome colored pencils, paint markers, a glue stick for possible collaged items AND a finish frame to put the work in when it is complete.

Here’s how it works: Choose a person in your family/friend group to start the process. They will add their layer on top of the chalked original, then hand deliver or send the kit to the next family/friend for them to add their layers. You can send it to as many folks as you would like!

It is a super fun way to connect with loved ones both near and far AND makes for a fun gift for any occasion!


collaborative community portraits.

A collaborative community portrait from the Creative Intervention at The Center for Craft in Asheville, NC

A collaborative community portrait from the Creative Intervention at The Center for Craft in Asheville, NC

Collaborative Community Portraits can take many forms.  They are collaborative works created by groups of people at private events, public events, family gatherings, festivals, staff retreats, weddings -  you name it. We can use photography, collage, drawing, painting, stamping, writing, image transfers and more. Participants position and glue their ‘portrait’ into the provided background (either a large sheet of archival quality paper, or painted board).  The provided background will have a layer of colored chalk already on it, ready to receive additional layers. Each Community Portrait is a real-time collaborative art work. The finished piece will reflect the interaction of attendees and the space in which the event is held.

The finished work can be  varnished, framed or photographed and printed. As always, the work will be professionally photographed and made into postcards for those involved to send out into the world to connect beyond their own community.

Send me a note below if you would like to help support or participate in any of my connecting the ANDs projects:

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