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you + life’s pivotal moments

you + life’s pivotal moments.

collaborative self portraits.


A traditional portrait seeks to represent a person’s likeness, relying on poses and expressions to provide insight into the subject. These Collaborative Self Portraits use my Create + Connect process to dig deeper into your individual essence, your lived experience, your stories and circumstances to create a truly representative and thought provoking work of art using found imagery, collage and lush explosions of color.


These works transcend barriers and boundaries in order to express and celebrate our shared humanity.   I have no doubt that your Collaborative Self Portrait will have a profound effect not just on you, the collaborator, but also on those that view the work.

My current self-portrait series for 2019 is focused on creating a body of work from at least 20 people walking in different worlds: economically, socially, politically, religiously, and beyond.  They are currently on exhibit at Pink Dog Creative until August 18, 2019.

I want to share that we are all unique - yet on the outside people may be harshly judged OR widely celebrated - but through the universal visual language of art, we can connect in ways beyond that of judgement and insecurity, and be inspired by our common humanity. 


what does it involve?

We will dive into what is a deeply reflective and transformative art making experience. You will create a portrait using collage techniques, exploring symbolic imagery and personal history. During the creation of the portrait, you are invited to discuss your own personal creative needs and receive guidance on living a fulfilling creative life, bringing creativity into your workplace or relationships, and creating your own contemplative art practice.

There is absolutely no experience in any art form necessary.


After we complete the composition of the collaged items, I then complete the piece combining chalk pastel and other mediums.  The final work is photographed professionally, with a digital file and options for prints given to the participant.

Our time together will be both therapeutic and transformative. For some collaborators it can be a revelation of sorts, uncovering the creative and artistic aspects of themselves that they may not have realized existed or thought had drained away. Others feel that far more than words, it is visual imagery and symbols that express and translate who they truly are.  They are designed to allow space and time for reflection and unburdening and highly recommended for those experiencing times of growth and transition or in need of personal support and nurturing.

Learn more about collaborative self portrait options here

Ginger Huebner is the real deal. A highly skilled artist and teacher both, she knows how to make collaboration an enlightening, transformative experience. And she knows how to make it fun and easy too. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, learning from her, and would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Sebastian Matthews