reflections of life

reflections of life commissions.

The passing of souls brings heavy hearts and often a seeking for closure and reflection. Through either a solo or collaborative commission, I offer the opportunity to specifically focus on a reflection of life for a person or animal who has passed. We will create a work of art to hold the memories, love and spirit of your loved one that will last forever.

Working with me on a commission includes the following:

  • One-hour listening session (in person or via skype if necessary) I will be with you in full presence, listening to you share about the person or animal you would like to honor. We will talk about whatever you would like to share in an effort to gather ideas for imagery, color and emotion we would like to portray in the piece. My heart will be open to all that you are gifting me during this time and will practice full confidentiality as we move forward through this process.

  • We will discuss size and framing thoughts so we can project costs appropriately. Reflections of Life Commissions range from $500 - $2000, unframed.

  • If desired, i can share sketches about my initial ideas. (Not all clients want this - it is not required)

  • We will set a schedule to create the work. If it is collaborative we will schedule our times to meet and create together.

Once you make your deposit, we will set up our listening session.  I look forward to listening to your story and creating something together!