ginger huebner
ginger huebner

mission driven minds

mission driven minds.


the power of connection.

I am an artist, collaborator, educator and curriculum expert.  But all of these labels stem from my being, first and foremost, a leader of connection through creativity - full of hope not fear - AND I take a stand for the need for connection in our world now more than ever.  

When we work creatively with each other we find common ground, we explore and express our identities, and we come to a place of understanding. We are better people when we allow ourselves to have a wider view of all this world has to offer (the good and the bad). To get out of our comfort zones and have those hard conversations and those happy tears.  

Through connection we can repair our relationships between ourselves and our earth, to see each other again, to care for each other again, and have the ability to create true change in the world.   We can:

bridge impossible gaps
re-build relationships
share stories, old and new
give a voice to all
re-discover trust and respect
reveal and grow hope
spread kindness and compassion
celebrate the positive capacity of all humans

I am on a mission to facilitate human connection using the power of creativity to bring us together across all borders AND ages AND ethnicities AND religions AND genders through the universal language of art…

building and impacting relationships.
bridging impossible gaps.
embracing hope in the capacity of all humans.
shifting how we engage and move about in this world.

…ultimately re-connecting our common humanity.


create + connect project.

My create + connect project starts with my life-long love of the thousands of organizations doing amazing work providing basic human needs: food, water, shelter, safety in the world.  I love reading about and seeing images of the finished products of many of these missions, but also find myself yearning to know more about the people who are on the receiving end of these projects:  their stories, their dreams, their hearts.

I want to offer my process of visual translations (using collage and chalk) to the project scope - offering people the opportunity to engage and nourish their spirits, share their personal experiences - providing an authentic connection to these humans at the center of the ‘mission driven’ work. 

What if there was a project that ended up as a reflection of the process - pulling together all hands and hearts that were a part of it - the team providing the support AND those receiving it…

  • A project that allowed girls going to school for the first time a chance to reflect on this moment and celebrate…

  • Families in refugee camps a chance to open their hearts and reflect, connect and be seen…

  • Offering moments of sanctuary to targeted minorities who have to move through their days with such caution…

  • Women who have been battling abusive partners to be in a safe space and create a vision of peace that is possible ahead…

  • Teens graduating from a year long treatment facility visualizing their new chapter ahead of sobriety and dreams that will come true…

  • Families in a remote village watching their new water system drip into their homes for the first time spend time translating visually how this has changed their lives…

  • Orphans that are waiting adoption or cycling out of the foster system having time to reflect and be supported in this difficult journey of life…

  • Women who have been beaten down by oppressive societies only to be rising up and putting their lives on the line empowering other young women seeking equality…

The create + connect project can apply to many different types of situations, but at the heart of it all, I am seeking to create authentic connection that celebrates our common humanity through the universal language of art.  

Everyone deserves a safe space to express themselves…
to be nourished…to be seen from within.