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life + art

life + art.

about my studio work.


inspired art.

my original work investigates, transforms and connects the sacred found in every day moments, sermons, songs, books.

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commissions for all.

my commissions are one of a kind works of art that share stories of and for people of all kinds. I view each commission as an offering that connects and witnesses the power of our common humanity.

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collaborations that capture life’s pivotal moments.

my collaborative self portraits use my create + connect process to dig deeper into your individual essence, your lived experience, your stories and circumstances to create a truly representative and thought provoking work of art. These works transcend barriers and boundaries in order to express and celebrate our shared humanity.

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connecting the ANDs projects.

witnessing and celebrating the power of art and design to connect our common humanity through creative partnerships around the world.

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Ginger Huebner is the real deal. A highly skilled artist and teacher both, she knows how to make collaboration an enlightening, transformative experience. And she knows how to make it fun and easy too. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, learning from her, and would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Sebastian Matthews

about me.


through my work i inspire authentic connection through creativity - changing the world through visual translations of love, hope and peace; and the many struggles in between.

For over twenty-five years, I have used the mediums of collage and chalk pastel to translate and capture artistically what often transcends expression in mere words. My work embodies people’s hearts, their dreams, their passions in life, and the moments and individuals that define and refine them.

I believe that understanding only comes through real connection. As a visual artist with a background in architecture and education, my art practice thrives on dialogue. My investigations have created a substantial body of work that examines the fragments of experience, place and circumstance that combine to create the essence of identity. The collaborative self-portraits offer the opportunity to transform, connect and build instead of be caught in a world full of divisiveness and negativity.

I am also the founding director of Roots + Wings School of Art and Design in Asheville, and serve as Visual Art Advisor to the PBS for the ‘Pinkalicious’ series, the PBS’ Online Learning platform and the PBS Arts Curriculum development.

I live in Asheville with my husband and two amazing kiddos.

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my studio is housed inside the Roots + Wings Creative Campus in the Oakley neighborhood of Asheville:
573 Fairview Road, Suite 10
Asheville, NC 28803

find me on Instagram @gingerhuebnerart, fill out the form below to receive my seasonal updates, or find our more about Roots + Wings School of Art and Design