ginger huebner
ginger huebner : create + connect




What if we don’t have any creative experience - I mean NONE!

No problem. At all. Come with an open mind and you will be amazed.

Is my org/company a good fit for this experience?

Are you interested in:

  • Offering a visual voice to share your clients and/or staff team’s stories unlike ever before?

  • Offering the opportunity for your clients and/or staff to learn things and connect with other people in the community by being witnessed in this format?

  • Offering the opportunity for your clients and/or staff to be celebrated in a unique way - being a ‘part of’ your work not just having the work be ‘about’ them?

  • Enhancing the creative leadership of the org/business?

  • Furthering your mission through an innovative and creative approach? Standing out a bit from others in your field.

  • Finding new ways to represent the unique population you serve and work with, instead of just another graph or list of percentiles?

  • Increasing staff morale as you deepen relationships with your clients and team?

  • Sharing a unique vision of who your donors or investors are supporting?

  • Connecting with the hearts of donors or investors which inspires greater, more generous giving?

We have a very large group or a strange time frame to work within - can you adjust options to work with us? Ie: smaller scale, more people, etc…

Every organization and business is unique. We can work smaller or larger, with less or more people, in stages of two or three workshops in order to complete our desired outcomes. Nothing is impossible!

Is it ok if we have a variety of ages that will participate?

I love working with any age = we can select the best time frame to suit every participant, seek childcare if needed, and create the best scale to be successful with every one in the room.

We do not have space at our offices to do a project like this, is there somewhere else we can hold this experience?

YES! We can always arrange to do Create + Connect experiences in one of my classrooms at the Roots + Wings Creative Campus.