Ginger Huebner
inspiring connection through creativity

dream teams staff development

dream teams staff development.


Whether you have a business team that is brand new or has been around for years, Ginger’s connecting the ANDs: Dream Teams staff development opportunities are intensive creating sessions and retreats bring people together through the joys and challenges of shared creative work, offering the space and time for much needed connection.

Ginger is not your ordinary facilitator and collaborator.  
She is a connector…
And an encourager of the good in the world…
and a believer in the power of our common humanity.

Team building, conflict management, interpersonal communication and problem solving are the core of the majority of Professional Development presentations. The connecting the ANDs approach revitalizes these modes of thinking by bridging the gaps between attendees, igniting the creative and lateral thinking necessary to see solutions, and instilling a sense of joy and purpose in the pursuit of common goals. Investing in a workforce with creative training has a demonstrable positive effect on work performance, staff retention and customer satisfaction outcomes. Creating a work culture that emphasizes empathy and recognizes multiple modes of thought and contribution is key to competitiveness and adaptability in the marketplace.

Teams that work with Ginger as part of their Professional Development engage in compelling art-based experiences that deliver solid results. Her unique approach to corporate training is based on her connecting the ANDs philosophy, employing a process of communal art making as a natural and powerful conduit for connection and collaboration.

Talk to us about how we can help you strengthen your work team, bring together convention attendees or put together a truly uplifting corporate retreat.

Ginger’s connecting the ANDs corporate training sessions are bespoke events, designed in collaboration with business leaders and convention management teams, responsive to the themes and goals of your event. Group sessions are typically 2 to 3 hours long, and can also be divided into smaller sections suitable for break-out rooms and convention lounges.

Sessions for groups of 2 to 15 range from $275 to $320 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours. Contact us to discuss your training needs.

Projects are site-specific and are designed to work in your space, utilizing as much of the equipment and resources available in-house. Flexible space rental at the Roots + Wings School of Design Creative Campus is available as an alternative location.


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Please note that connecting the ANDS: Dream Team events start at $275 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours.