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curriculum consulting.

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With a Masters in Teaching Visual Art and a Bachelor of Architecture, Ginger Huebner brings a unique perspective to the field of art and design education and consulting.

Ginger’s approach to curriculum consultancy is to match a thorough assessment of the required educational objective with a detailed action plan and the tools and materials to formulate sustainable success. Her overarching goal is to nourish the educator, giving them permission to alter their own education mindset. It is by changing this mindset and developing an education philosophy that places creativity at its core that Ginger truly revolutionizes attitudes to curriculum planning and the classroom environment. Ginger is available for individual projects or on an ongoing consultancy basis, and serves with distinction as an advisor to boards or core teams.

Classroom Curriculum Consulting

Consult with Ginger Huebner directly in person or via video conference.  Talk about your classroom space design, meet as a teaching team to brainstorm, or do more hands on development with tools and techniques. 
$120 per hour.

Bring your teaching team together for a professional development workshop led by Ginger Huebner focused on learning about creative tools that can be woven into classrooms.  
$150-200 per hour, depending on size of group.

Educational / Media / Corporate Advisory

Ginger is available to advise companies and organizations working with and in any type of visual art and design education projects.

She currently serves as Visual Art Advisor to the PBS Pinkalicious series; contributing curriculum, editing scripts and steering the Visual Art education component of the series. The series began airing in February 2018 and her role has since been expanded outside of Pinkalicious into PBS’ Online Learning platform.

Cost dependent upon scope of project(s).

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