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My Create + Connect Project is a unique, creative connection project for nonprofit entities often serving the most vulnerable amongst us, treatment facilities, schools, and conscious businesses; bringing together the community you serve and those that work to support your mission closer together. It gives a visual voice to your clients, helps your organization further your mission, attract funders, increases your staff morale, and deepens relationships with those you serve.

The project is a merging of my studio practice with a deeper journey of collaboration, my Collaborative Self Portraits. A traditional portrait seeks to represent a person’s likeness, relying on poses and expressions to provide insight into the subject. Collaborative Self Portraits dig deeper into the individual’s essence, their lived experience, their stories and circumstances to create a truly representative and thought provoking work of art using found imagery, collage and lush explosions of color. These works transcend barriers and boundaries in order to express and celebrate our shared humanity.   As I recognized that my Collaborative Self Portraits have a profound effect not just on the collaborators but also on those that view the images, the Create + Connect Project was born.


Create + Connect project options

Working with your clients to create Collaborative Self Portraits

Ginger or a trained connection ambassador* works with up to 3 clients for a 4 hour art making session.  It is an opportunity for them to share their story; to heal, to reflect, and to translate their emotions through visual images and color when words just may not suffice. They will feel seen, worthy, appreciated and empowered. These will be portraits of YOUR community, and the faces of your mission.  These sessions are enriching and uplifting and are well suited to document pivotal moments in a person’s life, eg graduating from a program, release from incarceration, achievement of wellness goals.

Session pricing includes the finished artwork and a digital file for personal use. Additional pricing options for larger groups are available.

Create + Connect
Creating Collaborative Self Portraits AND exhibiting, reproducing and sharing them - connecting with your community

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Ginger or a trained connection ambassador* works with up to 3 clients for a 4 hour art making session. Then, allow your clients to be seen and heard by others, feeling worthy as humans in the world through an exhibit that connects and weaves into one of your upcoming fundraising event(s).  The works produced are gallery standard artworks that can be reproduced in a range of quality print options to celebrate clients, form an ongoing and highly marketable revenue stream, and serve as a potent reminder of your mission. After the event, utilizing these portraits to further your mission. They can be shared on your websites, on social media, through newsletters, and in donor letters. Prints of the works can also be used to continue to drive revenue or simply share in the form of cards, posters and prints if desired.

Session pricing includes the finished artwork, guidance on exhibiting and distributing the work, and digital files for a selection of print options including branded postcards, calendars, art prints, and web banners geared towards raising funds for your organization.

*The Collaborative Self Portrait workshops are provided by myself or my trained connection ambassadors who will be thoroughly briefed on your organization’s goals and fully equipped to facilitate an inspiring and meaningful event.

Is my organization or company a good fit for this project?

Creating and sharing these images allows collaborators (your clients) the opportunity to choose to express and represent themselves outside of trauma, be nourished, and to invite viewers to connect with them as whole and equal humans. As I mentioned above, this project offers incredible impacts for clients, staff and donors:

For clients:

  • They are offered a visual voice to share their story unlike ever before.

  • They are learning things and connecting with other people in the community by being witnessed in this format.

  • They are being celebrated in a unique way - being a part of the fundraising instead of just having the fundraising being ‘about’ them

For admin / staff / team:

  • This process enhances the creative leadership of the executive director.

  • This project represents an innovative approach to furthering your mission.

  • It is a visual translation of the unique population they serve, instead of just a graph or list of percentiles.

  • These experiences increase staff morale as it deepens relationships with their clients.

For donors / community:

  • This project inspires them to give support.

  • This project connects with their hearts which inspires greater, more generous giving.

Here are a few questions to ponder:

How do you hope your organization’s collaborators will feel after engaging in this process?
How do you want a Collaborative Self Portrait to change the way your organization is perceived?
How do you hope a Collaborative Self Portrait will deepen the relationship between your clients and your donor base?

Connect with me below to arrange a time to meet and chat more about bringing these project experiences to your organization.

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