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more than words

more than words.


Create + Connect options for mission driven minds

For each experience, we will dive into a deeply reflective and transformative art making experience using the incredibly accessible mediums of collage and chalk to create a collaborative self-portrait. There is no experience needed, the process leads the way every single time.

1 - Collaborative Collection

c+c collection_ghuebner.jpg

Create your very own collection of self-portraits to hang in your organization’s space. Your client’s and/or staff’s stories will entice all who walk through your doors and allow powerful connection to your mission and vision without even saying a word. What a unique way to share who your business truly is through those that are at the heart of it.

All materials are included, with a frame for each participant’s work. Digital files of all pieces. Installation of works in your space (which includes vinyl lettering of your mission or vision statement, participant bios and photos hung with each piece as labels, and an overall explanation of the project) Options available for producing digital prints and postcards of all works.

2-3 months depending on scheduling opportunities
Scale of work: 22” x 30”


2 - Group Collaborations

Invite your clients or staff together to create their own original self-portrait in a small group setting. This could be a part of a workshop for clients, an office retreat, or even as a fundraising event or celebration, etc...

All materials are included, with a frame for each participant’s work.
Options available for producing digital prints and postcards of all works.

2 hours
Scale of work: 11” x 14”

3 - Individual Collaboration

Work one-on-one to create a unique individual visual translation. This could be a special offering for individual clients, staff or donors. There is something very powerful about making space and time to work one-on-one on a self-portrait reflection.

All materials are included, with a frame for each participant’s work. Options available for producing digital prints and postcards of all works.

2.5 - 3 hours
Scale of work: 22” x 30”

c+c postcard example.png

Digital prints and postcard options

After working with clients to create collaborative self-portraits. we can help you reproduce and share them in the form of digital prints, postcards and more.

Allow your clients to be seen and heard by others, feeling worthy as humans in the world. The works produced are gallery standard artworks that can be reproduced in a range of quality print options to celebrate clients, form an ongoing and highly marketable revenue stream, and serve as a potent reminder of your mission. After the workshop sessions, utilizing these portraits to further your mission. They can be shared on your websites, on social media, through newsletters, and in donor letters. Prints of the works can also be used to continue to drive revenue or simply share in the form of cards, posters and prints if desired.


Let’s Connect! Every organization and business is unique.

I simply love this work and have done so many iterations that I know this process can be molded, shifted and structured just right for any situation. We can work smaller or larger, with less or more people, in stages of two or three workshops in order to complete our desired outcomes. Nothing is impossible!

I invite you to contact me to schedule time to talk so that we can get a better feel for what we both do and what we might be able to do for each other. If it's a good fit, we can discuss customizing the Create + Connect project specifically for your clients.

Let’s connect and see what we can create together so you can connect with your community through this amazing process.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Is my organization or company a good fit for this project?


Creating and sharing these images allows collaborators (your clients) the opportunity to choose to express and represent themselves outside of trauma, be nourished, and to invite viewers to connect with them as whole and equal humans. As I mentioned above, this project offers incredible impacts for clients, staff and donors:

For clients:

  • They are offered a visual voice to share their story unlike ever before.

  • They are learning things and connecting with other people in the community by being witnessed in this format.

  • They are being celebrated in a unique way - being a part of the fundraising instead of just having the fundraising being ‘about’ them

For admin / staff / team:

  • This process enhances the creative leadership of the executive director.

  • This project represents an innovative approach to furthering your mission.

  • It is a visual translation of the unique population they serve, instead of just a graph or list of percentiles.

  • These experiences increase staff morale as it deepens relationships with their clients.

For donors / community:

  • This project shares a unique vision of who they are supporting.

  • This project connects with their hearts which inspires greater, more generous giving.