self-portrait series

connecting the ANDs.

self portrait series.

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In a one-on-one exchange, Ginger works together with participants in a collaborative process of image-making rooted in dialogue and reflection. By designing collaged images that represent each participant’s stories, experiences and outlooks, Ginger translates the essence of a life into an image that speaks of both the individual and the collective whole.  Each participant works with Ginger for up to two hours selecting images and creating a collaborative collage.  Ginger will then complete the piece combining chalk pastel and other mediums.  The final work will be photographed professionally, with a print given to the participant.

The ultimate vision for this series is to create a body of work with at least 20 people walking in different worlds: economically, socially, politically, religiously, and beyond.  There will be an exhibit in Fall 2019 all of the works of all the connecting the ANDs works - and for this specific project - a bio of each participant that viewers will attempt to match with the works.  Ginger wants to share is that we are all unique - yet on the outside people may be harshly judged OR widely celebrated - but through the universal visual language of art, we can connect in ways beyond that of judgement and insecurity, and be inspired by our common humanity. 

Each participating collaborator will receive a set of postcards of all the works, with the simple goal that they will then send the postcards to friends and family - spreading our collective stories even further.

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