Ginger Huebner
inspiring connection through creativity

the power of connection

the power of connection.

I am an artist, collaborator, educator and curriculum expert.  But all of these labels stem from my being, first and foremost, a leader of connection through creativity - full of hope not fear - AND I take a stand for the need for connection in our world now more than ever.  

When we work creatively with each other we find common ground, we explore and express our identities, and we come to a place of understanding. We are better people when we allow ourselves to have a wider view of all this world has to offer (the good and the bad). To get out of our comfort zones and have those hard conversations and those happy tears.  


Through connection we can repair our relationships between ourselves and our earth, to see each other again, to care for each other again, and have the ability to create true change in the world.   We can:

bridge impossible gaps
re-build relationships
share stories, old and new
give a voice to all
re-discover trust and respect
reveal and grow hope
spread kindness and compassion
celebrate the positive capacity of all humans


I am on a mission to facilitate human connection using the power of creativity to bring us together across all borders AND ages AND ethnicities AND religions AND genders through the universal language of art…

building and impacting relationships.
bridging impossible gaps.
embracing hope in the capacity of all humans.
shifting how we engage and move about in this world.

…ultimately re-connecting our common humanity.

My Create + Connect projects are made up of multi-disciplinary, evolving experiences that emerge from my network of connection ambassadors who are trained with my curriculum of connection using simple tools of creativity. Through the collaboration of so many, our projects receive and embrace communities across the globe.

Find out more about Create + Connect project options here.