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There were people of all ages gathered for a carnival with the community.

I placed the 15 drawings - the first layers of the connecting the ANDs project - on the table.  Any and all were welcome to choose one piece that spoke to them and begin adding the layer of their story to the piece using the basic tools we had.

We had the hands of young and old and everywhere in between join us.  Sometimes even two or three folks were drawing on one piece. 

There were beautiful connections happening all around us - all because of an opportunity to create, to tell part of their story, in community with one another.   

It was beautiful.

the little girl in the above photo was very hesitant.  she didn't want to draw - she wanted me to draw for her.  but alas i shared with her that this was HER story to tell...all she needed to do was start with one little line.  she took a few seconds looking at the page...started to draw that one simple line and never turned back. 

there is such beauty in all of our stories.  we must find courage to share them.

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Ginger Huebner