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In 2016 I was given the opportunity to travel to Cuba on a pilgrimage with my All Souls church community. I traveled as a parishioner, a chaperone to our high school youth, and as an artist. I could not have imagined what was about to unfold.

I brought with me 15 pieces of work that were the first layer of a project I am now calling connecting the ANDs.

These 15 works were added to first by the people in the community we stay with in Cuba. Everyone was invited to add something by either drawing, painting, stamping or attaching a layer of their own story to the work.

After Cuba, I sent these works off to Singapore and Australia, where two other communities added layers that reflected their own stories. When they finally returned back to me in Asheville, I reproduced them at a set of 15 postcards. Each community that participated received a set, with the simple goal that they will then send the postcards off to friends and family - spreading our collective stories even further.

My hope is that these projects will connect people across borders

and of all ages

and ethnicities

and religions

and genders

Through the universal language of art, building and impacting relationships new and old.

This is the story unfolding…

the first layers...

One week ago I returned from 10 days in Cuba.  It was such a gift of human connection and love.  I am forever changed and incredibly thankful.

So many photos, videos, sound bytes. 

So many lens and layers that revealed and unfolded beauty in many dimensions: uncovering ANDs everywhere:

old and new
fast and slow
yes and no
free and frozen
lush and dry
flat and mountainous
clear and foggy
clean and dirty
with and without
to and from
amazing and tired
beautiful and sweaty
busy and lazy
everywhere and nowhere
hopeless and full
inspiring and sad
vulnerable and closed
patient and persistent
love and brokenness
amazing and raw
floating and reflecting
simplicity and connection
limited and abundant

the list goes on AND it was the simplest of things that truly connected us:

laughing together
drinking coffee together
creating together
dancing together
eating together
listening to music together
walking together
playing with babies together

so simple AND so complicated.

we created beautiful works together that I will share in our next post...

holding each other up in the ANDs.

just a small piece of the amazing community of Fieles A Jesus in Matanzas, Cuba

just a small piece of the amazing community of Fieles A Jesus in Matanzas, Cuba

Ginger Huebner