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the starting point...

In less than a week I will be traveling to Cuba on a pilgrimage with my All Souls church community.  I am traveling as a parishioner, a chaperone to our high school youth, and as an artist.  I cannot wait to see what unfolds. 

I am bringing with me 15 pieces of work that will be the first layer of a project I am calling connecting the ANDs

These 15 works will be added to layer by layer starting with the community we stay with in Cuba.  Everyone will be invited to add something by drawing, painting, stamping or attaching a layer of their own story to the work.

After Cuba, I will send these works off to four or five other countries around the world, where other communities will add layers that will reflect their own stories.  When they finally return back to me in Asheville, I will reproduce them at a set of 15 postcards.  Each community that participated will get a set, with the simple goal that they will then send the postcards off to friends and family - spreading our collective stories even further.

My hope is that this project will connect people across borders
and of all ages
and ethnicities
and religions
and genders
Through the universal language of art, building and impacting relationships new and old.  


connecting the ANDs

Ginger Huebner