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Over the past twenty-plus years I have been creating artwork that, in the simplest terms, tell people’s stories. These visual translations cross multiple boundaries, and speak of deeply personal commitments and commemorations. They stretch beyond commissioned works of art into collaborations that reveal people’s hopes, dreams, and passions in and for life.

When I am asked to do a commission, I work very closely with my client through the entire process. First, we begin with a conversation to explore their ideas for the piece. I ask for descriptive words, colors, dates, imagery that might be significant, places / maps, etc. Then I spend time creating a preliminary sketch with colored pencil and pen that my client can comment on. The next step is to create a layout of the piece with actual imagery, text and visual elements, all the while communicating with my client and sending photos of the progression of their piece. Again, they are welcome to comment on changes they might like to see, or present new ideas that have been sparked in this time. Finally, I go ahead and complete the work. It is always a fulfilling and unique experience. For most artists, this may seem an unorthodox approach, but my work has always been about connections.  It may be that you have a vision for a project at work, or as a gift for someone.  We can make that happen.

working with me on a commission includes the following:

  • You will choose from either a general Solo Commission or Collaborative Commission experience, or a specific Reflection of Life, Wedding or Birth Commission experience and make a deposit payment.

  • One-hour listening session (in person or via skype if necessary) I will be with you in full presence, listening to you share your ideas for the commission. We will discuss ideas for imagery, color and emotion that you would like to portray in the piece.

  • We will discuss size and framing thoughts so we can project costs appropriately

    • Solo Commissions range from $800 - 2500, unframed.

    • Collaborative Commissions range from $550 - $2000, unframed.

  • If desired, i can share sketches about my initial ideas. (Not all clients want this - it is not required)

  • We will set a schedule to create the work. If it is collaborative we will schedule our times to meet and create together.


solo commissioned works.

A solo commission created as a 40th birthday surprise

A solo commission created as a 40th birthday surprise

(I work solo in studio on vision for client)
Work with me on creating something truly unique for someone you love.
As mentioned above, there is no end to the possibilities!

Prices according to size and scope of project.
Ranging from $1000 - $2500

collaborative commissioned works.

Working collaboratively with client in studio on vision - one to four people

Working collaboratively with client in studio on vision - one to four people

Work with me on a project for a presentation, a gift for a loved one, a life event reflection or any other idea your might have. I will walk you through choosing imagery, guide you through composition of your piece and help you finish it off with layers of chalk and drawing if desired.

3-4 hours together
Prices according to size and scope of project.
Ranging from $500 - $2000

specific commission offerings.

The cycle of life is full of beauty, love, and loss - with celebrations, new chapters, new families, births and deaths. I am always open to commissions that may stem from specific moments in life such as a reflection of life, a wedding celebration, or a birth.

Connect with me below if you have a commission idea you would like to discuss.

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