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collaborative portraits

collaborative portraits


Create + Connect collaborative portrait options

The collaborative portraits use my create + connect process to dig deeper into your individual essence or to reflect the essence of someone close to you. For self-portraits you will explore your lived experience, your stories and circumstances to create a truly representative and thought provoking work of art. For those creating a portrait for someone special in their life, you will unfold the love you feel for them and capture it in an amazing work of art. These works transcend barriers and boundaries in order to express and celebrate our shared humanity.

For each experience, we will dive into a deeply reflective and transformative art making experience using the incredibly accessible mediums of collage and chalk to create a collaborative portrait. There is no experience needed, the process leads the way every single time.

1 - Individual Self-Portrait Collaboration


Work one-on-one with me on a unique translation of your beautiful self. There is something very powerful during this time and space that we will create together. You will be amazed at what unfolds and will cherish it for years to come.

All materials are included, with a frame for your original work.
Options available for producing digital prints and postcards of all the work.

2.5 - 3 hours together
Scale of work: 22” x 30” (one single work)

2 - Individual Self-Portraits (Small Group of 4-12 people)


Invite your friends, family, bridal party, staff, church community together to create their own original self-portrait in a small group setting. This could be a part of a weekend of friends or family visiting, a wedding event, a holiday gathering, a night out with friends, you name it!

All materials are included, with a frame for each participant’s work.
Options available for producing digital prints and postcards of all works.

2 hours
4 to 12 people

Scale of work: 11” x 14” (individual works for each participant)
$145 per person, minimum of 4

3 - Collaborative Family (or Kids Only!) Portraits


My collaborative family portrait workshops offer a unique means of creating with your whole family unit on one work of art. These experiences will mark this current chapter of your family timeline and allow each of you to create, connect and celebrate each other with one unforgettable visual image.

I also work with just kids to create a portrait for someone special in their lives! I love offering siblings or cousins or other combinations of kids this unique opportunity to collaborate with one another. It is always amazing!

All materials are included, with a frame for the final original work.
Options available for producing digital prints and postcards of all works.

2 hours
4 to 6 people
Scale of work: 22” x 30” (one single work)
$475 total

As someone who has built my life on personal growth and my business on supporting people in seeing and living their truth, I’ve done a LOT of vision boards and creative “stuff” in that realm. Working with Ginger on this project was different in ways I fully didn’t anticipate.

At this point on time, I believe people are desperately hungry to feel authentically connected and deeply seen. This project gave me (often the seer and space holder for others) the gift of seeing my divine Self emerge with greater clarity, while also being held in the artistic talent and human connection with Ginger.

I believe strongly in the power of connection because it allows something greater to emerge than would be possible alone. This was no exception. We co-created something both powerful and beautiful, something that felt felt sacred + magical even, and I’m profoundly grateful for the experience.
— Meghan O'Malley

what does it involve?

We will dive into what is a deeply reflective and transformative art making experience. You will create a portrait using collage techniques, exploring symbolic imagery and personal history. During the creation of the portrait, you are invited to discuss your own personal creative needs and receive guidance on living a fulfilling creative life, bringing creativity into your workplace or relationships, and creating your own contemplative art practice.

There is absolutely no experience in any art form necessary.

After we complete the composition of the collaged items, I then complete the piece combining chalk pastel and other mediums.  The final work is photographed professionally, with a digital file and options for prints given to the participant.

Our time together will be both therapeutic and transformative. For some collaborators it can be a revelation of sorts, uncovering the creative and artistic aspects of themselves that they may not have realized existed or thought had drained away. Others feel that far more than words, it is visual imagery and symbols that express and translate who they truly are.  They are designed to allow space and time for reflection and unburdening and highly recommended for those experiencing times of growth and transition or in need of personal support and nurturing.

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